Madara Melne

Director of Strategy & Founder

CatchSmart is a Latvian private IT company which derives from woodworking industry and was formed out of necessity to improve manufacturing processes, automation and productivity of employees. Our team is formed by specialists from IT, logistics, manufacturing, quality control, e-commerce, warehousing, inventory systems, and procurement sectors with 20 years of experience.

Our aim is to provide custom WEB solutions which can be applied to many aspects of your business. Whether it is a website, design for your online store or quality monitoring systems for production and manufacturing lines.

By implementing CatchSmart IT WEB solutions you will stay competitive in ever changing market trends by precisely anticipating technical malfunctions, costs, avoid idle production times and overproduction.

We will closely examine your business before moving forward with conceptualisation and development stages. Our solutions will be uniquely tailored for your needs.